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The Agency

Shadow Agency is the "Change we wish to see in the world".

Our Agency has placed immense focus on maximum training and accountability to the benefit of the both the client and the Agency. All of our Agents are enrolled in Shadow Institute which is our online learning platform that is packed with over 500 hours of online training. Each Agent commits to a minimum of 8 hours each week toward their online learning.

The material that our Agents learn are based on current industry standards followed by Shadow Agency enhanced standards. We also focus on studying local law enforcement standards to better work with law enforcement professionals as our roles intertwine.

Because the role of the Private Protection Agent is to provide lawful safety to the clients we are assigned to protect, we place heavy emphasis on combat training. Our Agency has created a combat style called Shadow Chung Rou which was designed specifically for our industry.

Shadow Agency represents new standards for our industry and better service to our clients!

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