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Shadow Agency is constantly expanding it's sphere of influence and thus always in need of quality individuals to join our team. If you are interested in becoming a Shadow Agent please fill out the form provided and an Agency representative will be with you shortly.

Before you apply to become a Shadow Agent:

Shadow Agency is serious about providing industry leading service to all of its clients and inspiring noticeable positive change in the communities its serves.

Thus, all of our Agents must be on the same accord. Shadow Agents are expected to train weekly in various capacities to ensure that we are delivering the highest possible level of protection. 

Before applying for a position as a Shadow Agent, please consider the following:

- Agents are required to adhere to a personal training regimen

- Agents are required to dedicate a min of 6 hours per week toward online training (provided by Agency)

- Agents are responsible to acquiring the Agency approved uniforms

- Most Agents are on a career path where they will acquire the following certifications:

          - Guard Card     - Wear & Carry

          - CPR                - AED

          - Private Det.     - Exec. Protection Cert.

          - SPO Cert.         - Baton/OC/Handcuff/taser

- Pending Covid restrictions, Agents are required to commit to an Agency approved combat training regimen

- Agents are required to become goal oriented people that work toward mastering goals daily

*** Experience not required. Shadow Agency has invested heavily into the training of its Agents to ensure the quality of service we deliver.***

*** Prior experience does not leave one "exempt from training, it only means that the Agent will be able to accept Agency Missions sooner than those with no formal experience. The only way the Agency can guarantee industry leading results is to provide all Agents with the exact same training programs.***

If you are inquiring about a position with the Agency outside of Private Protection such as Private Detective, Trainer, Photographer, or otherwise, please specify in you application.

Come Work With Us
Do you have any of the followng cetificaions?

Thank you for submiting, someone from the Agency will be in touch with you shortly.

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