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Private Detectives

The Agency offers full service and highly professional Private Detective services. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, our Detectives will help you to find the solutions and answers to your case.

Service include: Pre-Employment Screening, Background checks, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and much more.

Security Guard
Armed / Unarmed Agents

Shadow Agency offers both armed and unarmed Agents to provide the safety and security that best suits your protection needs.

Both armed and unarmed Shadow Agents are committed to the Agency minimum training requirements to ensure maximum safety and accountability.

Image by Bill Oxford
Special Police Patrol

The job of law enforcement is grueling, dangerous and never ending.  To provide assistance to the hard working men and women of law enforcement, and also provide an added layer of protection to communities, Shadow Agency offers Special Police Contracts.

To inquire on how to hire Shadow Agency to provide Special Policing in your community, contact the Agency directly.

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